Mander Shopping Centre Wolverhampton

2017 Mander Shopping Centre. CCTV system upgrade using Avigilon Products.

2017 CCTV System upgrade at The Mander Shopping Centre

Removed existing dated CCTV system and installed an Avigilon front end and encoders allowing the centre to use existing cctv cameras with the upgraded system.  This also allows easy intergration of new HD IP CCTV cameras in the future.

Lower Precinct Shopping Centre Coventry

2017 Complete control room renovation at the Lower Precinct Shopping Centre which included removal and reinstallation of the CCTV System. This also included adding an extra digital recorder to allow for future expansion of the system.

Telford Shopping Centre

2013 Telford Shopping Centre Staff Roll Call / Attendance system for providing an attendance system for staff and a roll call list upon a fire evacuation to allow management and security personnel to quickly account for staff, contractors etc. who are on site.

Disabled Refuge intercom system for Telford Shopping Centre. Provides key locations around the shopping centre and service areas with instant communication to the security control room so that in the event of an emergency or evacuation pedestrians stranded or requiring assistance can communicate quickly with security staff.

Shrewsbury Town Football Club

2017 Shrewsbury Town training ground Sundorne Castle

Complete installation of a new CCTV system. This included 5 x fixed cameras and 1 x PTZ complete with external motion detection units and an incorperated PA system providing an offsite monitoring station the ability visualise and comunicate with potential theats when the system is triggered.

The system is also capable of being viewed remotley by staff at The Mongomery Waters Meadow.

Ridgebourne Road Shrewsbury

2017 Installed colour video intercom and electronic gate system at a private property in Ridgbourne Road.

The system allows the home owners to view who is at the intercom and control the gates from inside the property via the intercom phone and also allow themselves entry via a keyfob in their vehicle or by keypad at the gate when on foot.

Cartwrights Waste Manegment Telford

2017 Installed Complete CCTV system at Cartwrights Waste Managment covering their 2 sites at telford. The system included 19 HD infra-red cameras and 4 point to point infra-red beams that alert the customer when they are broken. The customer can then connect remotley to verify if an intrusion has occured without having to visit the site.

Furrows Dealership

2017 Infra-Red Perimeter protection system for the Furrows Motor Dealership. sites  A Towered Infra Red beam perimeter security system tied in with a CCTV system to provide protection and visual displays of movements within and around the compounds

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